odoo retail management

odoo retail management company in egypt

POS Management / odoo Retail allows retailers to automate their entire system.

We help retailers manage their retail operations such as loyalty management and promotions, and inventory management. Retail/POS management can be made easier by odoo.

It will save you time, increase your profits and make it more efficient.

We aim to make each feature simple and easy to use to help you manage your stores, and improve customer services, financial information, as well as many other features.

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Point Of Sale

Point of Sales systems that can manage different retail stores with ease, integrating procurement and inventory as well as accounting.

Branch management

We support retailers in managing their retail operations such as loyalty management promotions, promotions, inventory control inventory planning business intelligence and point of sale store management, and much more.

Sales Analysis

Easy analysis to all your store transactions .

Vendor Inventory Management

Fully control and management in store inventory