odoo education management system in Egypt

odoo school mangement system in egypt

Colleges, schools, and other institutions are home to numerous students and staff members.

Managing the management of all of these individuals for more efficient operation is a challenge.

Odoo ERP lets you define an entire and distinctive school management solutions that can be developed according to the operational requirements of your institution.

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Odoo Education Institution Management

odoo education management system in Egypt

Complete staff management

The modules that are shown in Odoo that support HR management functions will enable you to control the aspects of recruitment to the payment of employees through the help of distraction tools.

  • Online job posting
  • Payroll of employees
  • Attendance management
  • Timesheets can be used to record the duration of work
  • Create student profile
  • Evaluation and valuation
  • Monitoring attendance of students
  • Payrolls for the month.
  • Print pay slips for each employee.

Attendance monitoring on students

The dedicated attendance management module of Odoo can be configured to be suitable for the attendance 

  •  monitoring of students as well
  • Barcode identification
  • Unique ID verification

Complete accounting and finance management

The accounting software will assist you in the efficient management of the financial aspects of your institution, both the liabilities and the assets

  • Payment gateways that are dedicated to a specific purpose
  • Payments online
  • A well-defined ledger and chart of accounts
  • Advanced financial reporting for all aspects
  • Journal entries
  • Analytical accounting
  • Define fiscal and tax positions
  • Multi-currency management
  • Asset management
  • Budget management
  • Management of invoices and vendor bills

Effective product procurement

The equipment and amenities procurement for the operations of an institution can be well managed with the dedicated purchase module which is being defined to operate

  • Functions with multiple vendors
  • Generate requests for quotations
  • Accepts purchase quotations
  • Call for tenders
  • Draft payments methodologies

Well defined inventory management

The complete and dedicated management of the product stock and product assets can be done with the help of the Odoo inventory module

  • Define products stock
  • Chart serial and lot number on products
  • Product scraping
  • Product categories
  • Define product locations
odoo education management system in Egypt