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12 Benefits of odoo E-Invoicing Software

Invoicing electronically method is the newest method of making invoices and is likely to be the next phase of invoices.   There are many reasons electronic invoicing was created and is superior to traditional paper or PDF.    
E-invoicing is only possible by using software for e-invoicing 
ERP is a highly equipped e-invoicing application that has all the latest features and updates.  
We've listed the major advantages of odoo software for e-invoicing in this post that can convince you to switch to odoo ERP as soon as possible.   However, let's look at what exactly is an e-invoice?

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12 Benefits of odoo E-Invoicing Software For Your Business

  1. Real-time tracking of E-invoices odoo E-invoicing software allows for the recording of invoices in real-time created by the provider using Oddo. This allows for faster delivery of tax credits for input (ITC).

  2. Simple Reporting of B2B Invoices in the context of electronic invoicing, the taxpayer has to submit the e-invoices once. 
    Then, it is verified via IRP, the Invoice Registration Portal (IRP).
     After the validation of the e-invoice, an Invoice reference number is created. the information is automatically populated by odoo E-invoicing software  GSTR.

  3.  E-way Bill Generation With odoo E-invoicing software, the process of e-way invoice creation is easy. 
    The taxpayer needs to enter the vehicle's details into the first part of the bill, and then receive an auto-populated e-invoice generated by the system that is easily authenticated on the GST portal.

  4. It simplifies the process for buyers The buyer can reconcile the invoice with the purchase order and either decide whether or not to accept the invoice in real-time. After authentication, the e-invoice will be sent out to the buyer's email address mentioned on the invoice.

  5. No more Frauds: With odoo electronic invoice software, both buyers and sellers be assured that there won't be further frauds. The information is accessible to the government and taxpayer authorities in real-time, so the chances of fraud are minimal.

  6. Reduction of Errors: With the e-invoicing system, information is automatically loaded from odoo software for e-invoicing, so the chance of errors made by hand is nearly non-existent.

  7. Interoperability of E invoices: Since the invoices are created with a format that is standard using odoo the electronic invoice software, the information is readable by any other software. This allows for interoperability between various software.

  8. It aids in tax Calculation Access to real-time data is a way to prevent manipulation, and tax calculations are made in real-time. The possibility of fraudulent GST invoices and other tax documents isn't an issue since the input tax credit and output tax information are automatically filled in.

  9. QR Code: The electronic invoice is crucial for calculating the Input Tax Credit. If the invoice is lost or is damaged, the information stored in the QR code can be extremely helpful.

  10. Improved Customer Service: Apart from the fundamental benefits associated with e-invoicing odoo Electronic Invoicing Software gives more efficient customer service, including handholding training and 24/7 assistance during the creation of electronic invoices.

  11. It is time-saving: odoo e-invoicing software is extremely user-friendly and quick. E-invoices can be generated with the blink of a finger. This reduces time and when it is shared with customers, it also gives them the possibility for faster payment. The buyer does not have to call the customer repeatedly and again for payment.

  12. Cost-effective: Unlike the other electronic invoice systems on market, odoo e-invoicing software is very cost-effective. Particularly designed for small and medium-sized enterprises, pricing begins at just one rupee. 999 per month.